From (Peter L. Petersen)
Subject: Touring USA, starting in Boston
Date: 12 Jul 1994 13:23:06 GMT

I'm take a one year sabbatical leave, in which I would
like to explore Amerika from the back of a motorcycle.

I will arrive in Boston on the 9th. of August, I am planning to
spend a few weeks in Boston in order to get me a driver's license,
and buy me a motorcycle - So me questions are:

-  How long does it take to do a Motorcycle Safety Course ?
   what will the price be ?
   where do I register ?

-  What kind of Bike should I buy ?.  I am prepared to spend 5.000 $
   I am seriously considering buying an used BMW Boxer,  Will this
   kind of bike fit me, I am 6"7 (200 cm), weight is 260 lb (120 Kg), age 34.
   or would at GoldWing be more suitable.
   Is there anythings I should be careful to avoid when buying an used motorcycle
   Is it easy to find a used BMW in the Boston area ?
   What kind of prices can I expect so pay for 5 year old BMW ?
   Are the Boxers more expensive than the K75 and the K100 models ?

-  What would be the cheapest form of accomodations in Boston for 3 weeks.

-  How can I keep in kontact with the Internet,  I will bring my portable LINUX
   machine with fax-modem.

That's all for now


Peter L. Petersen
Aalborg University
Dept. of Control Engineering
Fredrik Bajers Vej 7
DK-9220 Aalborg

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