Peter Touring the Middle East - September 1998 to March 1999

I was lucky once more, I had got 7 month to go where the road may take me. Here you can find the travelleter I wrote while I was on the road, and some of the pictures I have taken. It all started out like this:

This tour has almost no plans - no sponsors - maybe not even a goal. It could happen that nothing will happen at all, that I will find a quiet place just south of here - sit down, drink coffee and read some books.

Well I have done a little preparation;

I will leave Denmark at the end of August, visit some friends, maybe get some ideas, and then I will probably go south through the eastern part of Europe, trying to find my way to India or Egypt. If this turns out to be impossible I will try something else - stay tuned and I will tell you.

You can find views from my camera right here.

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