Aalborg to Darmstadt September 9th. 1998

A friend is a gift you give yourself for the rest of your life

I am still well and alive, as you know I left Aalborg 2 weeks ago, my first goal was the Tønder Festival. I was runnning a bit late, so I was probably driving a bit too fast - the result beeing that I run out of gas just a few miles before Tønder - luckily it was just in front of farm and the owner had just arrived, so I went in and asked if I could buy some gas - No he didn´t have more gas than he needed himself and when I inquired about taking some gas from his car, he said sorry its too late I have allready locked it - So he was certainly not giving anything away. Well I went to the next house, knocked the door - told them I had run out of gas - here I was welcomed with a warm laugh and was offered 5 liter of gas which I could come back with later. I am not in any doubt about who of the two neighboors will feel happier when the day is done.

The Tønder Festival was as usual the best one ever - but it is probably nothing for you, unless you like to drink beer, hear folkmusic and enjoy life. And you should not recommend it to anybody because it is getting more and more popular. Next year they have 25. years anniversary and they have invited all the bands who have played at the festival to come - a clever move - but what will happen if they all come - we will see in the last week-end of August 1999. Should you go to the festival you can find me serving beer at the outside bar at the main tent. http://www.tf.dk

01-als After the festival I went to my sister to sober up, and do some work on the bike. The bike is a 1991 red BMW R100GS with 70.000 miles on the clock, it had a new drive-shaft and shock installed in Guatemala 4 years ago but is otherwise unmodified, with the normal BMW plastic-bags and a parabellum touring windscreen. I luped the splines between the gearbox and the engine and the splines in the paralever. I am pretty glad I did that beacuse I found a lot of South American dirt inside the paralever.

Finally last Friday I left Denmark - to go to ”2. Motorrad-Reise-Treffen” in Gieboldehausen (Harzen), this is probably something for you if you like to drink beer and enjoy life, there was even live-music - and I had a lot of fun dancing in the rain and getting warm by the big fire - well not quite as big as the ”Tesch” fire. Around 100 people had driven through the rain to get there and there were a few I knew allready and a few people knew me from the internet. There will probably be a meeting next autumn as well, you should contact R.Wuestefeld@t-online.de.

Sunday, late as usual, six of us, new and old friend, left Harzen and took the small roads going west towards Köln - a very nice afternoon on nice winding roads in hilly surrounding completely different from my previous experiences on the German autobahn. I was almost sad when we all split up just before Köln to go in different directions, nice relationships has been build up and then suddenly it is over. But I hope to keep in contact, and my warning that I someday will visit you should be taking seriously - yeah you should have known better.

Actually my next plan was to visit some of the travelling friends I have met over the years - first in line was Bernd Tesch who I first met at Kari Pragers shop and home in San Francisco in 1994. Bernd lives in Aachen and is without any doubt the person who knows most of who has travelled where. Travelling is his living, he sells books, bags and whatever you might need for your tour, have a look at his WEB-page http://users.aol.com/BerndTesch He is ocourse responsable of the famous ”Tesch treffen” The one in Malmedy not the one in Ushuaia, and the more I come to think of it I am actually on my way to the next ”Tesch-Treffen” which will be the last Week-End in March just before I have to be back home in Denmark.

I arrived at Bernd und Patricia at 10:00 in the evening and after an hour of talk we went out to make a fire - something which Bernd is quite famous for, and although it had been raining and everything was wet, the branches and wood had to surrender and escape as heat and smoke at the hands of Bernd.

When I sit there on my bike driving through the countryside I think without thinking - I just let my mind flow where ever it intends to go, why do I do this tour, is it because of the sigths or the people. I think it is people, not necessarely the local people and the sight is merely an excuse to do it all, what it is all about is to make friends and meet friends, and whenever you say farewell to traveling friend the last words is allways ”see you at the Tesch-Treffen”

Late in the afternoon I broke up to go to Darmstadt to visit Markus and Chris who I first met af Finca Ixobel on the way to Tikal in Guatemala. Chris and Markus went around the world on 26 month tour and if you are in germany you should look for their slide show, which they give here and there.

02-darm Yesterday I build in new bearings at the rear of the paralever - they had suffered too much from the mud from south america, or was it myself who did the damage to them when I had it appart 2 weeks ago - anyway they should be OK now.

Tonight we will go out to have Schnitsel for only 5 DM (Greg here is a new target) and tomorrow I will head on probably to Prag. I would have liked to visit Matthias from Switserland with whom I travelled for a month through south america - but his E-mail bounces and I can´t remember his address or even his lastname - he was driving a Cagive Elephant 650 and was on the road in 95-96 in The Americas - you can find a picture of him in my travel-letters from the Americas, Should you know where he is, please send me an E-mail

Thankyou all for your E-mail, it is nice to hear from friends I haven´t seen since 94/95. This leads me back to the start sentence - I think I will give myself a lot of gifts during the next half year

    A friend is a gift you give yourself for the rest of your life
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