Darmstadt to Athens 24th September 1998

I bet you have all been dying to hear how the 5 Deutschmark Schnitzel was - it was good big and cheap, what more can you ask for - oh yes they also served beer. I had a schnitzel Bolognese - which is exactly the same as Spaghetti Bolognese, with the difference that instead of Spaghetti the plate is covered with Schnitzel.

Everybody tells me I need a Carnet de Passage to go where I I want to go. So I went to the ADAC headquarter in Munich to talk to the chef - but unfortunately it was not possible - I should be a german citizen or at least have a firm residence in germany - So now you know, you should probably also make a german bank account to be used for the 4.000 DM bond you will have to make. Me I was too shy to do that and go back again. - but I got to talk to the chef and he was very nice.

The worlds largest motorcycle Exhibition took place while I was in Munich so I went there, I even met a few people I know, one of them Bernd Tesch who organized a get-together in a bar that evening. Here I met Klaus who told the most incredible stories about his travels or aid-missions - like shipping and operating a hospital into the northern part of Iraq just after the gulf-war was over, or how they organized that trucks and hospital equipment from the former DDR to Russia just after the iron-curtain had fallen and everything had to be at western standards. It is stories that this that makes it all worthwhile. Of-course I also went to the Hoff-Brauhaus and heard stories there, but nothing to match the stories Klaus told.

I like Munich, but a few days before the Oktober-Fest I left, I just had enough of the rain and the campsite being invaded by youngsters with nothing but beer in their head.

06-pas I made my way through Austria through the Gross Glockner pass, first in rain in the top in snow and on the other side of the alps finally in sun - WOWW. Then I followed the coast through Italy, Slovenia and Kroatia until Dubrovnik. I was told that I could not go over land to Greece due to the "political situation". I had seen quite a few traces of the political situation on my way through Kroatia, many houses were ruins on others you could clearly see patched holes from the canonfire. One night I stayed at a bed and Breakfast by 2 old sisters, they told how they had been occupied - their houses being ripped for everything of value and the rest burned. It is really amazing how much damage such a little war can make not only in material things, but the feelings between the neighboring countries will take longer to heal than the lifetime of those who saw it happen.

07-kroat The coast road through Kroatia is nice for motorcycling, twisted with nice views, on nice roads although the surface is slippery even in dry weather. You could see that it once had been very popular for tourists but now it was all more or less deserted.

Normally I would have tried my luck to see if it really was impossible for Peter Petersen to take the land route to Greece, but when I came to Dubrovnik there was a ferry to Bari (italy) waiting, so I gave in and took the ferry - putting the blame on my rear tire which now was without any patterns.

From Brindisi (italy) I took another ferry to Greece, but first I spend the day searching for a new tire with little success, until I asked a guy on a Guzzi for advice - he took me around until we finally found a tire, I was quite pleased because I didn't know how the tire situation would be in Greece. Now I am in Athens and I have never seen so many big offroad bikes, and there is a MC shop on almost every corner, so I had nothing to worry about.

Yesterday I spend the afternoon on Acropolis sitting in the shadow relaxing writing a letter, while all the other tourist was busy wandering around sights. I will be here for a week or so, expecting to read my email once in a while - before I will set of towards Turkey

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