Athens to Antalya Turkey October 6th 1998

Hello again

First of all thank you very much for all your E-mail. I really appreciate it but since I will not answer you individually - I hope you can be satisfied with this.

13-greec I spend one week in Greece alltogether, most of it in Athens. First night out of Athens I came to a camping site, where the owner let me stay free of charge - because the season was over, So I decided to use the money I saved on a restaurant, enjoying the great greek cusine - Thaziki, Mixed grill and a greek salad, with lots of retsina, when I had finished my second bottle the landlord came with a new one - on the house he said, to me that is all the english they have to learn - anyway I decided to stay another day and do my laundry.

I entered Turkey without any troubles, 4 $ to do the paperwork and half an hour later I was in Turkey. My first target was GalliPolli where the Australians and New Zealands under English command suffered a terrible defeat in the first warld war. It is very moving to drive and walk through the hills where so much blood has been wasted, and I think I understand some of the Australians songs about that war better now - what a fate to go to a foreign continent to be killed in someone elses war.

17-pamuk Now I am in Asia I have a guide book and there are plenty of sights and ruins from ancient times - so I have put myself on a diet: only one tank of gas and on ruin/sight a day. It works out pretty well, I start in the morning around 10:00 and drive until around 6:00 where I search for a hotel or a campground, during the day I have plenty of time for lunch and one sight-seeing, a working day not longer than yours - and when was it you were going to be at work ;-).

I have chosen to see Troia, Ephesos and the mineral springs at Kamukkale, where I stayed at very pleasant pension, you should go there and stay at Pension Kervansaray.

Life and dead on the road

I have seen to big accidents on the road so far, the first one in greece, where a lokomotiv had fallen of the track and 50 meters down a mountain to finaly block the road, luckily it was the second lokomotive, the first lokomotive with the driver was lying on the side up on the track, and the waggon didn`t follow down the mountain either. I waited there for half a day until 2 cranes had cleared the road - it was quite a nice day, since no one was injured and when the day was done and the road cleared everybody had done a good days work.

A few days ago 2 cars had collided head against head on 4 lane divided highway none of the cars looked as if anybody would get out alive, I arrived just as it had happened but since people was allready gathered round the victims I hurried through, my help was not essential, but hte wrecks and the blood made a big impact on me. A little later I passed a vedding - big party - yes the distance between life and death is not big, but I hate to think that when you are driving here in Turkey you are certainly closer to the later, not that I take many chances, but had I been 2 minuttes faster you might never have received this travelletter.

20-poli I have lost something from a tooth, and I have seen pictures of how the dentists work in India so I better have fixed right away, first I was going to ask the landlady where I stayed last night - but when she approached me smilently I saw that she was missing that paricular tooth, so I ordered a cup of tea, and pushponed the whole thing.

On the way here to Antalya I met a Goldwing and a K100LT and they found me a dentist and a made me waite here, at a Yamaha boatmotor shop - he had just got a Internet account which I am taking advantage of right now. I just came back from the dentist, fit for fight - it didn`t hurt any less than in Denmark - but I don`t believe in drugs.

Stay tuned and I will - if Allah will - fill you in on why you don`t eat your bread with your left hand while you are in Turkey.

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