Trabzon Turkie November 7th 1998


My last day in Turkie, its been a little over 5 weeks since I entered Turkie, and I like Turkie a lot. Especially after I left the Mediteranian coast, Turkie has been growing on me. Friendly people, excellent food, cheap accommodation and the weather is mild here in the autumn. But the drivers a lunatics - I guess thats why quite a few Turks end up as taxi-drivers in Western Europe.

32-klost Normally you know you have found the cheapest hotel in town if it is busy all night (ie. the red-light district). Well Trabson is the first town in Turkie where I have noticed such traffic. There is a lot of very nice looking girls walking around here, they are from the former Sovjet I am told. This afternoon I drove 50 km up into the mountains to see a monastery - well I didn't know it was so far when I set out only wearing a shirt, when I got back feeling cold and miserable I decided to give myself a nice hot experience - loosen up for some of those muscles you seldom use, in other words give myself something to look back on know that I am heading further into muslim territory.

So I went to a Turkish bath, and I can tell you I am sure this is the sole reason there is hardly no prostitution here - who would go to a whore when you can go to a Turkish bath, and there is absolutely no sex involved - it is better !! (maybe I forgot something being alone for so long). First you go to the hot room and relax and sweat for half an hour, then the masseur will rub away the dirt and your old skin with a rough glove, then you will be soaped in and washed - and soaped in and massaged until you hardly know what to do with yourself, the masseur not being the gentle kind. But I think he was just as exhausted as I afterwards - well he had a lot to work on. A perfect way to spend the last evening in Turkie.

Now my bike is all packed just outside this post-office and I have got my visas for Iran, Pakistan and India, well I actually got one more namely to Georgia to where I will be heading shortly. From there I will try to find my way down to Iran either through Armenia or Azerbaijan, I don't know yet because nobody I asked know what is possible, so it is my job to figure that one out - I am sure somebody will tell me if I try something impossible.

Stay tuned and I will let you know, I don't know when my next connection will be but the nice thing about E-mail is that if you send me one it will be waiting on me when I get hold of an Internet connection

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