HELP - Gearbox exploded, Erzurum Tukie November 17th

Back in Turkie to bring you the latest news.

A few hours ago my gearbox exploded no 5th gear only very bad noıse, lots of noise in 3rd and a little in the others and oil all over. And the nearest BMW-MC shop is in Ankara and he has mostly old bikes. I don't trust the bıke to the local mechanics and I am not sure I can fix it myself - anyway I have to have the spare parts flown in, So I will rather replace the whole gearbox.

Do you have a cheap gearbox lying around preferable with less than the 77.777 miles mine managed, please let me know. I am runnıng a bit out of time since my Iran visa expires in 2 weeks.

I am staying at:

Otel Sefa (room 11)
Mahalletasi Karskapi Cad.
Tel. 212 35 22

But it is probably easier to reach me via E-maıl, The weather is bad it is snowing the only good thing is that Internet is only 0.50 $ a hour

I will send you a travel letter describing my adventures in Georgia and Azerbaijan later

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