Erzurum Turkiye, December 2nd. 1998

Hello again

37-visit Yes I am still in Erzurum but not much longer - I have been here a fortnight and that is definately more than this town deserves for a busy tourist as me. You might remeber that the reason I am here is that my gearbox died on the way to here (rest its soul). It is now put in a box (who said coffin) and has started its journey back to my workshop in Denmark- I hope it will be back before I will.

So you have probably guessed that I have received a replacement gearbox. Yes my fiends at home removed the gearbox from my 1981 R80RT almost before I asked them - a very good move, the spirit I like - not so much talk back and forth - action.

39-pide The gearbox was send down here with the post which would mean that it would be in Turkiye the day after it was shipped - but Turkiye is a big country and I guess the gearbox was a bit jalous on the other gearbox and took its own trip around the country before it finally ended here in Erzurum

When I had waited a week I started to trace the box from this end, involving quite a number of people working in the post-office, but also friends I have made here helped to find out where it was - We called Ankara and Istanbul but nowhere had anybody seen a wooden-box from "Aalborg Sprýt Fabrik", But finally with the help of a friend we found it another postoffice - That was a good day - it was actually the day before yesterday, Well I couldn't have it right away it first had to go through customs - so I feared the worst.

Yesterday I spend most of my day at the customs office trying to explain my situation - but they had never heard about the packet - which was more than halt a mile away - but I didn't give up and finally after I explained about my visa to Iran which would expire the day after the inspector kindly took the case in his hands, but I had lot of bad looks from the other customs people, it was definately not the normal procedure that anything made it through their system in one day, I guess they were afraid that in the future they had do to work every day - but I got it and I only had to pay a little over a dollar so I was very pleased with that days hard work.

40-gear So today I have exhanged the two gearboxes, I wanted to do it all by myself but I needed a workshop to do it in and I was also missing one tool to do the whole job on my own. But when I took of the seat I noticed that somebody had been working on it and indeed somebody had stolen all my tools - it seem that muslims are not much different that people elsewhere although I had come to think so by now. I alway believe in the good in people, and I am seldomly disappointed - I guess it doesn't make much sense to report it to the police, and my travel insurance will probably not see it as part of my travel-good but as part of the bike. I liked the BMW tool-kit its good quality and the wrenches are shorter than normal so it will fit on the bike - so even if I can go out and buy new tools they will not be the same as those I lost.

Tomorrow I will head on to Iran, I got a visa extension on the consulate here in Erzurum in 15 minuttes costs 10 $ - so that was much easier than I had expected. - I am really looking forward to some warmer weather and what Iran otherwise might have to offer, but I guess the next days will be very cold hopefully there wont be to much snow on the road - people tell me that I am very lucky the winter is 2 weeks late this year - I really appreciate that they got such a good service for stranded tourist.

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