Quetta Pakistan December 25th 1998

                         Quetta   December 25th 1998

Report of theft 3400 $ in cash and travellers cheque while staying at Sabena Hotel near the railwaystation in Lahore/Pakistan

I Peter L. Petersen holder of passport nr. _________ issued in Denmark on ______, hereby report that I was robed for:

       100 DM cash
       650 $ cash
     1.300 $ Thomas Cook Travellers cheques
     1.450 $ America Express Travellers cheques
The theft must have taken place bettween the 21st and the 23rd of December while I was a sleep - maybe seduced at the Sabena Hotel, but I only noticed the theft to day while I was checking my things here at Hotel New Grand in Quetta.

I am very confident that the theft was performed by the staff at the hotel, maybe after I was given a seditive in the tea they kindly offered me before I went to bed in the evening. At all other times I allways carry all my valueables on me.

I am 38 years old and consider myself a pretty expirienced traveller, having visitted more than fifty countries and never before had money been stolen from me.

The money was removed (and replaced by sheets of paper) from the small bag I carry unseen inside my jeans. Only 50 and 100 $ banknotes and traveller cheques had been taken, leaving my 20 $ travellers cheques and smaller banknotes. I my vallet I carry one of each banknote and traveller cheque nomination all of which was left untouched. So there was not much change that I would notice the theft before I had left Lahore, and to be quete sure the people at the hotel took me to the train and waited there until it left. Whenever I use money I refill the the vallet in the evening, (or somethimes the evening before) and I used 50 $ travellers cheques on both the 21st and 22nd of December, so I am certain I checked the money bag on the evening of the 22nd (or at least ont 21st), and I left Lahore on 23rd in the morning, so it must have happened that evening or night, I don't remember feeling any different in the morning though.

I left Lahore at 11:00 a.m. on the 23rd with the Chiltan Express, being in a first class sleeper with a respectable family with two children I am sure nothing happened here. The train arrived at Quetta on the 25th at 1:00 a.m and I took a taxi to Muslim Hotel where I stayed until this morning when I changed to the next door "hotel New Grand" because the first one was just too dirty for my.

In retrospect I can't heklp the feeling that the Sabena Hotel was set up with only this purpose in mind - very very helpfull people, who helped me make my ticket and changing money, and thereby knew exactly when too strike. I was the only guest in that very small hotel and they showed me the guestbook which only contained foreigner, which seemed to be their only interest. Now I understand why they urged me to take the train to Quetta instead of flying (I admit that I helicopter crash which happened in the fog the day I arrived made me easy to convince) giving them more time before I could report the theft. It is also clear to me why the staff didn't want me to take any pictures of them, and the diarea that I got after eating a meal the had prepared (because of the owners birthday) might also not have been any coincidence at all. It weakened me and made me stay inside the hotel.

Here in Quetta I have tried to file a report with two different policestations (town and railway) but they say they cannot do it, because it didn't happen on their premises. Not a bad country to choose for a criminal career.

December 25th 1998             Peter L. Petersen

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