The Mediterranian coast Turkie February 10th 1999


Since last I have spend my time at the mediterranian coast starting with a week in Antalya, and finishing with a week in Marmaris.

In Antalya I was waiting for new brake pads to be mailed to me, it took 2 weeks for a thick letter to make it from Denmark to here with the post, while it only took 3 days for a much bigger package to make it here from the states via Federal Express.

The package from the states was a new orginal BMW-toolset who Gary Wasserman had offered me when I wrote about how my toolset was stolen in Erzurum last year. I just had to supply him with a an address to send it to. It is very nice, not just the toolset, but that it is possible to be treated that way.

In Antalya I was also going to obtain refunds for my stolen traveller cheques. I had both Thomas Cook and American Express checks and on their WEB-pages I found that both of them could make refunds in Antalya which is the largest tourist town in Turkie. The American Express office issued the replacement checks while I was waiting. Thomas Cook was a different matter, the office which I found via their WEB-page knew nothing about refund of travellers cheques and after having phoned and E-mailed Thomas Cook in England I was directed to a Bank which should be able to make the refund, but they were not helpfull at all, so I E-mailed Thomas Cook again with my complain and a very simple question "Where can I get my refund?". I still haven't got my refund, I even haven't got a reply on my E-mail. So I am very angry with myself that I followed my banks advice to use Thomas Cook at all, but I feel a little lucky that I insisted to have half of the money in American Express.

One day I met a nice young girl half my age who invited me home to her house for diner. Before you begin to feel happy on my part, I have to admit that she was wearing a scharf, indicating that she was a conservativ muslim, and her father turned out to be a school teacher in religon. According to him Turkey violated the human rights gruesomely since girls were not allowed to wear a scarf in the school and he could not understand that the western world would not help to put presure on Turkey to stop this horrendous situation. Later I had to ask the girl if she liked wearing a scarf, and she answered that she had to because it was written. I have met this blind belief in the written word before when I visited some very-very-very islamic students in Erzurum, they tried their very best to convince me, with small passages from the christian bible, that their belief was the only true belief. To be fair all of these people were very nice and hospiteable and I don't want to give them away, and I don't since none of you would take out these flaws isolated, it is just a small piece in a big picture.

64-olymp I followed the coastline from Antalya to Marmaris, staying overnight in Olympos, Kas and Kalkan. Olympos which is a deserted ruin close to the coast has no big hotels. I stayed in a small hut between orange trees paying 6 $ pr night including breakfast and dinner and all the oranges I could eat, and that was quite a few. It was just great to reach out of the door and pick an orange sweet and juicy. In Kalkan which is a small harbour I met a Dane on a bycycle, who was on his way Australia. Nicolai is the second dane I have met on a push bike going in this direction, Lars the other Dane who I met both in Turkey, Iran and Pakistan is also writing travelletters but in in Danish and I just got one from India. E-mail seems to be the main form for communication betwen travellers these days, everybody has an E-mail account and when ever we settle in a town we all rush to the computers to see if there is any mail, and I feel very lucky since it is almost allways the case for me.

66-baad Marmaris is the port to Rhodos/Greece where I will go next I am just waiting for a ferry which is quite rare now since it is out of season. Right know I sit in the salon of 78 food schooner called Old Glory. Naylene and Phil who has had the boat for 19 years are going to charter it to tourist this summer so now they are warnishing the boat so it will be fit for fight, while I am hiding here at the computer.

The boat which is actually designed by a Dane Slaaby Larsen is 28 years old and beautyfull all made of wood and they way it is treated I am sure it will last a hundred years. Should you be interested in spending some time on this boat you should send an E-mail to I am sure you would enjoy it, including the home-brewed beer they make on the boat, I had a little too much of it last night, but I think I will survive.

That was all from Turkey, my next travel letter will probably be from Greece or whereever the wind will take me.

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