Egypt/Sinai/Dahab March 6th 1999

Salem Alleiko

Ahh it is just too warm here ;-) the sun shines all day, even the sea is not cold, and I have a hard time to get rid of my last money since the price level here is a bit lower here than where I were before.

But I have tried rain since I wrote you last time, at the lowest point of the earth the Dead Sea, 400 m below sea-level I had a little rain, it wasn't much, and it wasn't very cold either.

76-dead Floating in the Dead Sea is just great, but although I was tempted, I didn't make a photo of me floating reading a newspaper, and it wouldn't have been easy either, since the only newspaper I read these days is

I have often wondered why the "borders" between the two people of 1srae1/Pa1estina are where they are, but when I left Jerusa1em going east into the occupied territories it was like crossing into another country or going years back in time, it is desert and people live in tents in the valleys along the road, like in the old days the beduins, but now they seem not to be moving, but I only drove through so I am looking forward to going back and get a little more feeling of it.

77-masa At the Dead Sea I visited Hasada, an old Jewish ruin located on the top of a mountain. This was the last place to resist the Romans some 1900 years ago. They resisted the Romans for 3 years, and when the Romans finaly had build a road/slope up this 400 m. high mountain, the jews choose to commit kill them selves rather than surrender.

The south of the Dead Sea is turning into an industry, extracting the minerals which make me and others float, on the touristy part you can find more about the Dead Sea here I stayed at Ein Gedi where you can camp for free, so I did and in the evening a Russian family who also made a picnic there played some very nice Russian music - a very nice and calm evening. Here like every where else in 1srae1 you find all different kinds of people.

78-red Here in Sinai there is merely two kinds, Egyptians and tourists who go here to dive/snorkle/relax, I do too, well I don't dive, well actually I don't do much at all, I might go for a swim once a day I might even put on my snorkel and talk a little with the fish which are plenty and colorfull here, and in the evening I like to eat one of them. The only complain I have is that the beer is not good, and not cheap either. I have thought about driving into the desert a bit, but that is as far as I have gone.

Tomorrow I will head back home - slowly. I have a ferry out of 1srae1 on the 18th of March and I hope to make it to Malmedy/Belgium on the 26th of March, my 39th birthday, to the

      21. Meeting for Motorcycle-World-Travellers,
      Friday, 26. - Sunday, 28.03.1999

You can find more about it here

I am looking forward to meeting all of you there.

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