1srae1 8 - 18 March 1999

When I arrived at the 1srael customs, I had all my luggage searched by the security people, they are very good in taking things apart, but they their skills are none existent when it comes to fit it all together again, but after a few hours and and a 100 dollars later (for 10 days liability insurance) I could continue.

83-beth I split my remaining time evenly between Jerusa1em, Tiberias and Akko. Jerusa1em is great, even though I had already spend a week there before, there were many places I had not been This time I visited the churches of Nativity in Beth1ehem, yes there are two, a too obvious sign that even the different Christian believes cannot share one church. I kind of followed that line, in Jerusa1em I visited another place on which Jesus is supposed to have been crucified and buried, a very peaceful garden just outside the walls of the old town, I kind of hope that this was the place where it all happened, and not the "official" place (Church of Sepulcher).

Of course I also visited Strudel Cafe again, a very nice Internet Cafe which serves draft Tuborg, Carlsberg and Guiness It is also a meeting point for individual travelers, we all go there at 7 pm. when happy hour starts, just to check our e-mail, and once we are there we can just as well enjoy a beer. During happy hour a pint costs less than a cup of coffee and we all travel on tight budget, I can tell you I saved a lot of money there.

90-golan I also spend a few days at the Sea of Galilee, using Tiberias as the basis for tours into the Golan heights, there is a lot of 4 wheel drive roads you can try, and although I miss 3 wheels it is still great fun, the only drawback is that you should certainly stay on the trail, since there is still a lot of mine fields there, but I made it through without any punctures. 93-golan One of the roads follows the 48-67 (y2k => 1947 - 1967) border, the fences and minefields are still there, after having driven around there I now fully understand why the 1srae11ies have taken the Golan height, because before that partisan could see and hit any target in the Jordan valley which lies on the foot of the hill. Before I had a very hard time to understand why the 1srae11ies was so stubborn to insist on and go to war to get this area, now the 1srae11ies have control of all the hill tops, which of course worries Syria, since now you can see Damascus on a clear day.

91-golan The border between Lebanon and 1srae1 is also the ridge of the hills, I saw on my map that there were a road along the border so of course I had to try it, it was first when I reached the end of the road at the sea, and found my self on the inside of a well guarded closed gate, that I realized this probably had been a little more exciting than I intended it to be. But I was kindly let out and I made the guard take a picture of me, on my way down I saw that you were not allowed to take pictures, so I was happy with myself that I hadn't taken the picture.

Stay tuned and I will fill you in my journey back to Denmark and should anything exciting happen here I will keep you informed but until now it seems nothing happens at all.

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